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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Triple Lock Upgrade?

A.  A Triple Lock Upgrade is a locking system that is activated from the locking handle position and has 2 additional strikers. Diagram below


Q. Do SWH make deductions for hinged doors?

A.  Yes. For doors made from scratch option, not replacing, the website will make stanard deductions for you. All you need to do is to enter the opening measurements following the measurement guide to our website. The door sizes will be calculated automatically.

If you wish to make your own deductions, you can select replace option when building your door and enter the door sizes.

Q. What deductions do I make?

A. We can only advise as to the standard allowances. Some doors may have individual quirks. Please provide measurements in millimetres. The measurements you provide will be the exact measurements your door will be fabricated. Please check your tape for accuracy.

  • Standard width deductions: 9 millimetres off all three widths for three point locks and 8 millimetres off for single locks.
  • Standard drop deduction: 8 millimetres off the shortest length. We keep both lengths the same to ensure door can be made square; a small gap may appear at the bottom of the door. This can be eliminated by installing a bug seal which can be purchased from our accessories section.

Q. What if I have an existing door and it is a perfect fit?

A.  If you are happy with size of the door you have, you can remeasure the existing door sizes and provide us with the measurements. We will make the new door to the exact size you provided.

Q. Why do I measure from outside looking in?

A. To determine which side for both lock and hinges.

Q. Can you offer any suggestions to help gain accuracy with measurements?

A. Yes. Measure multiple times and perhaps have someone else measure as well. Remember we will supply the door to the exact measurements you provide.

Q. What if my door is out of square?

A. We can only supply the door with square diagonals. You are able to provide three different width measurements, however, if there is a difference in the middle measurements, then this will be made to the lock side only. The hinge side will remain straight. This is so we don’t get hinge bind on the middle hinge.

Q. Does the door come with a door closer and bug seal?

A.  No, they can be purchased as an add-on or from our Extras page

Q. Do you install?

A. Yes, we provide measurement and installation service, you can find the service pack on the website – ‘Service’ section. The prices of product does not include the price for the measurement and installation. If you would like to measure and install yourself, they are not difficult; however, we recommend you use a licensed installer.

Q. Does the door come with a door jamb?

A.  No.

Q. Does the door come with screws to fit?

A. Yes for timber fit only – Hinged doors only.

Q. Can I match an existing tongue hole?

A. Yes. If you have an existing tongue hole and it has not interfered with the main solid door handle, then this can be re used. Measure from the bottom up to the centre of the hole. Record the measurement and send us an email with the request and measurements.

Q. How far above or below our existing solid door handle do we put our required handle height?

A. Below: Measure from the ground to the bottom of the existing solid door lock.  Give us this measurment, we will install the new lock below this point.

   Above: Measure from the ground to the top of the existing solid door lock. We will install the new lock above this lock.

Q. Does the internal snib lock the three point lock?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I need to recess the hinges?

A. No. However if there is a bow in the hinge side jamb, then recessing or packing the middle hinge may be necessary.

Q. If I have a current door that I am replacing and it has the hinges that have been recessed. What do I do?

A. You can either have the hinges placed to avoid the recesses and repair the existing recesses, or have them placed exactly where they exist now.

Note: If you have them placed where they exist now it will affect the width deductions. We would only recommend this if you were measuring an existing door that you are happy with the fit.

Q. How do I measure where to place the hinges if required?

A. Top: Measure from the top of the existing door to the centre of the top hinge.

Bottom: Measure from the bottom of the existing door to the centre of the bottom hinge.

Middle: Measure from the bottom of the existing door to the centre of the middle hinge.

Place these measurements in the Delivery Notes field in the shopping cart.