This is DIY INFO CENTER for custom made & Ship your flyscreen, security screens you can see the detailed DIY INFORMATION about measurements and installation for the flyscreens.

Screen Warehouse is the only place to purchase your custom made security screen windows and doors.

You can use any tape measure come in Imperial (inches) and metric (centimetres and meters).

During the measurement make sure to keep your tape straight all the way from top to bottom. Put the end of the measure at the end of the item, when length stops, take a reading on the tape measure.

When reading the markings, read the biggest marking is the (centimetres or meters) generally has the biggest number first, followed by the second-biggest mark.

Remember to take 3 measurements in width from top middle and bottom range. And note the numbers down after each measurement.



Hinged Doors

flyscreen door with fibre mesh

Sliding Doors

sliding door lock

Window Screens

security window with diamond grill

Fly Screens