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Q. What are the recommended measuring deductions for Sliding Doors?
A. We can only advise the standard allowances. Some doors may have individual quirks. Please provide measurements in millimetres. The measurements you provide will be the exact measurements your door will be fabricated. Please check your tape for accuracy. Measure your door from the outside looking in.

Standard drop deductions – 12 mm.

Standard width deduction: Take no deductions

Q. What are interlocks?
A. The purpose of interlocks is to lock the back of the sliding door into the fixed panel simultaneously as the door is closed into the locking position, this ensures that the door is locked on both sides. A frame interlock is fixed to the back of the sliding door at the point of installation so as to have it interlock with the receiving interlock which is located on the fixed glass panel.

There are three different sized receiving interlocks:

  • 3 mm offset interlock
  • 7 mm offset interlock
  • Flat interlock

3 mm offset interlock: When measuring for widths with 3 mm offset interlock allow no deductions.

7 mm offset interlock: When measuring for widths with 7 mm offset interlock allow no deductions.

Flat interlock: When measuring for a flat interlock add 10mm to your initial door width measurement. The reason for this is to have the frame interlock that is to be located on the back of the door to have. The nature of flat interlock does not allow enough room for the frame interlock to go between itself and the fixed glass panel, therefore adding 10 mm will allow the frame interlock to locate behind the fixed glass panel to allow room.

Q. What if my door does not have a receiving interlock.

Substitute the frame interlock for a bug seal this will eliminate insects coming from the through the gap between the door and fixed panel – indicate this change when placing your order, frame interlock is supplied with all Security Sliding Doors.

Alternatively a Receiving Interlocks can be purchased from SCREENWAREHOUSE; contact the office for assistance 02 8764 4628.


Q. Why do you need a centre of the door handle height?
A. To manufacture your door with the handle compatible with your existing handle for both sliding and hinged doors.

Q. How far above or below our existing solid door handle do we put our required handle height?
A. If you are wanting your handle below the existing solid door handle, then measure down a minimum of 65 mm from the bottom of the existing solid door handle to the centre of where you require the new handle. This allows the minimum distance required.
If you are wanting the new handle to be above the existing solid door handle,  measure up 125 mm from the top of the existing solid door handle to the centre of where you require the new handle. This allows the minimum distance required.

Q. Do you have a showroom that I can visit?
A. Yes, we have. You can come to our address that shows on the website for the demonstration of the product. Make sure call us before you come therefore we can arrange our staff to receipt your visiting.

Q. What Powder Coat colours do you use?
A. Colours are standard Interpon and Dulux Powder Coat colours.

Q. Can I have another Colour if I am willing to pay for it?
A. Yes. Prices will have to be individually quoted. Please email [email protected]

Q. Do you do Security Grilles?
A. Yes, we sell 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel mesh security grilles.

Q. How does your door compare with other similar doors?
A. We offer no comparisons to any other similar products. Our doors are as described. We stand by our quality, service and warranties as described.

Q. How long does it take?
A. The door is manufactured within 2 working days from receiving your measurements. Shipment usually takes one to four days. Once goods are dispatched you will be sent a dispatch notification.

Q. Can I pick the door up?
A. Yes, following the order process, and select the time&day for the local pick-up. Otherwise, we ship Australian wide.

Q. Do you discount for multiple doors?
A. No, however we can discount freight for multiple items.

Q. Can multiple doors be made keyed alike?
A. Yes, in lots of ten.

Q. Can the door be made out of square?                                                                  

A. No.

Q. What is the thickness of the door frame?

A. Standard 20mm