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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I measure my window flyscreens?

A. Before you measure you need to establish where exactly how you install your flyscreens. There are two basic types of installations.

Recess installations: Our standard window flyscreen is 9 or 11 mm thick at the outer wall.


There should be a recess for the screen to sit in your existing window. The thicker frame generally is good if the frame screen is large, more than 1000mm in height and 800mm in width. However, not all windows have a recess that can fit an 11mm thick screen frame.

They can also be fixed in place by riveting or holding by a plastic clip to the window recess externally.

Face fix: When there is no recessed area provided for a fly screen, then it is simply fitted to the face of the window frame either internally or externally by drilling through the frame of the window surround, and screwing or riveting in place. Great care must be given to not interfere with the operation of the window’s action, E.g. Window spirals etc.

Measuring for a recess fix is difficult due to the many variations in styles. The simplest method is to remeasure the existing fly screen if it is a good fit, and a fix can be obtained. If this option is not available then you must be mindful of being able to fit the screen into the recess whilst still covering the window. Remember: Fly screens are flexible so sometimes you can bend it to ensure a tight fit.

Q. What colours do you have as standard?

A. SWH’s security screens are available in 18 standard colours. Refer to Product Details for our full-colour chart.

Q. Can I have another colour if I am happy to pay extra?

A. Yes. Please email with sizes and quantities and we will provide a quote including powder coating.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]