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The Same Keys in All Doors?

Existing Doors & New Doors

Many customers wonder if we can install the same key locks for all the doors that they order. The answer is yes. This is our default setting for all the doors for each order.

However, if you want different keys in the same order, you must contact us and let us know, we will install locks with different keys as per request only.

Some customers also want to use the same key as their existing security door. The answer to this request is unless you order new cylinders and install them on the existing doors, the keys will be different from the ones we make and the ones you already have.

Apart from the solution I just mentioned, there are other ways to overcome this issue, but the one suggested, buying and replacing the existing cylinders, is the cheapest way.

Other means include:

1. Get a digital keycode cylinder for all the doors at $249.95 each.

2. Send us the cylinder that you have or provide us with the cylinder code and manufacturer and get us to buy the exact ones.

3. Get a locksmith to customize your cylinder to ensure it works with our keys.

I personally would not recommend any of these methods due to obvious cost reasons.

If you have any further questions about the keys or locks of the security screen doors, feel free to contact us via the website or call during business hours.

Hope this one helps you and have a lovely day ahead.