Security One Way Mesh Door Hinged/Sliding Custom Size Available


This photo of the one-way mesh security screen was taken during the day.

To answer the question of how much can you see inside after installing a screen like this, we can demonstrate by a short video:

Please note as demonstrated in this video, it is bright daylight outside, and there is significantly more lighting outside when shooting. It will give you the best oneway view when the outside is brighter than the inside. It means at night time, you won’t be able to see outside and outside can have a limited view inside due to the reverse lighting condition.


Only available in black and white colour

Installed on the bottom

Installed on the side

Best for small breed dogs and all cats(335 x 262mm frame, 212mm x 287mm cut-out, 240 x 170mm flap)

Best for medium breed dogs (315mm x 385mm frame, 262mm x 337mm cut-out, and 220mm x 290mm flap)

For large breed dogs(385mm x 518mm frame, 332mm x 470mm cut-out, 285mm x 420mm flap) - Only available in black colour

Frame Color *

Please select the FRAME color above. If you are not sure what color to choose, you can get dulux sample color cards from bunnings. Please ask for standard powder coating colors, and use the color label provided here to find the exact color card.
Please note:
For diamond grille products, Charcoal, Dune, Western Red Cedar are only available in FRAME, not the Grille. We will Use Black for the frist two & Brown Grille for WRC color frames. All the rest of the frame color will have MATCHING Grille installed by default.
For stainless steel security & oneway mesh security products, all items come with matt black powder coated mesh fitted. You are selecting the frame color only.

+ $61.00
+ $61.00
+ $61.00
+ $609.95

For diamond grille products, the grille does not have this color. So if frame colour is selected, a matching brown color grille will be supplied.

Custom Measurements *

Custom Measurements

For windows, you need to measure the area you want your screen to cover. Please check the recess width if the track is present.
For doors:
1. Existing door replacement, please take the measurement of the old door for ordering the same size door.
2. Hinged Doors: Please deduct 8mm for the single lock system, and 9mm for the triple lock system from the opening size, for width and height. Please refer to the measure help below if any questions. Or contact us directly via phone, email or live chat.
3. Sliding Doors: Please refer to the Measure Help Tab for a diagram illustration of how to measure. The standard deduction for height is 12mm. The width measurement follows the same width as the sliding glass door. If not available, take the opening width as the door width.
Please note, we requested three widths only for the purpose of checking to see if there could be any gaping issues.
We will make the door according to the shortest width and the default door will be square to eliminate door corner gaps.
However, if you wish the door to be off-square and to accommodate the opening, please click the box ‘off square requested’ below, we will make the door according to the top and bottom width.

Please give us the MAKING SIZE only.

Off Square Request

If your top and bottom measurement are off by 7mm or more and the door rebate/recess is 10mm or less, you can request us to make a off square door to accommodate the difference.
Or make a square door but cover the potential gap with door bead.
(if you do not understand these jargon and your opening is off square, always call us to check first)

Please note that for off square doors, there could be a gap at the door corner, ranging from 2~4mm depending on the difference of the top and bottom width.
Please refer the photo below. We will try to cover it with same color touch up paint if available.

This option apply to HINGE DOOR only.

ETA/Pick Up Date

Please select the pick-up (free) or delivery date (standard shipping applies).
Please allow at least 5 business days for us to complete your order.
15 business days are required for production with large orders.
You will receive an email to confirm your order is ready for pickup. Please do not come to the office unless notified by this email.
The nominated pickup date does not guarantee the completion by such date, SWH is not liable or responsible for any costs if the date is not met.

pick up/ delivery date

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